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Back Stories - Sophie Delancey

Interview with Sophie Delancey.

It's interesting (and awesome) when you get to talk to someone who does so much and knows so much... all while still being ready to learn and change and grow.

I recently got to speak to Sophie Delancey.

Sophie is a writer and contributes to several noteworthy online adult publications. She does PR and marketing for several "beautiful porn" sites -,, and She's also incredibly bright, articulate, and from Canada!!

My conversation with Sophie was fascinating and enlightening, but it wasn't my usual Back Story. In fact, we really didn't talk about Sophie all that much... Or maybe we did?

Sophie's passion for her work - for creating erotic art, for reframing the look and feel of porn, and for helping to make all versions of sex accessible - is palpable. Her work actually is about her, an actualization of the visions and values she seems to hold dear.

I loved speaking with Sophie. Our talk was fascinating - both hopeful and deep, political and passionate. It was a conversation about working toward repairing wider social ails (the future) one step at a time (the present). I really hope I get to speak to Sophie again. I have a feeling that, even though we are very far apart in the world, we'll run into each other one day soon.

If you're looking to be inspired, you've got to give this one a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories - Amy Daly

Interview with Amy Daly.

There's this thing about the sun - it's actually got two sides.

Simultaneously life-giving, awe-inspiring, and beautiful, the sun can also be kinda harsh. The sun tells it like it is and has no problems letting you know when you're being a little silly.

Enter Amy Daly.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Amy, and I was literally taken aback by her thoughtfulness and sweet sincerity (not to mention her multi-dimensional beauty). But, just like the sunshiny sun, Amy has a razor's edge. Running right alongside her charming demeanor - dare I say, part of her charming demeanor - was a perfectly reasonable tendency to tell it like it is.

It was awesome.

Amy, who is described on her website as:

...a normal 20-something year old nerdy videogame playing skater girl from Los Angeles, California who just happens to be a transsexual as well! I decided to move to the Valley and start making porn just for fun and to show everyone what a normal trans-girl like me who just leads a normal life is like, and how beautiful our personalities and bodies can be. What you see is what you get with me!

...and I chatted about all sorts of things - her childhood on the beach, her experiences transitioning while simultaneously moving through a couple different segments of corporate America, her work in porn, and some changing trends impacting the adult industry.

It was a fantastic conversation - have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories - Wendy Summers

Interview with Wendy Summers

Now, I know that I do this... I know that every new interview I do becomes my absolute most favorite one EVER!!

But here's a theory - I think this happens because I learn something new from every single person who so generously takes the time out to speak with me (and thus, to you!!). I fall in love with the endless diversity of human experience, all of which is connected by that one gossamer "porn" thread, over and over and over again...

My interview with Wendy Summers is no different.

In fact, I would have to say that my conversation with Wendy was one of the best I've had in a long time - both hilarious and light, serious and in-depth, Wendy and I got into some pretty complex and fascinating topics. But who is Wendy Summers..?

If you go to, here's what you can learn real quick:

Hey guys, it's Wendy Summers. I’m a rising Shemale star in the porn world – a webcam model who is funny, geeky and quite a bit freaky!

I define "the complete package" in more ways than one! I can stimulate your fantasies with my keen wit and sparkling conversation. Plus I'm really easy on the eyes... and there’s that matter of what’s hiding underneath my skirt...

When it comes to my photo sets and videos, I’m definitely creative. I love to bring a lot of myself in front of the camera and showcase the things that really turn me on. I like to tell a story, I love roleplay and I’ve got the costumes and toys to make any erotic dream come to vivid life.

I'm just a dirty nerdy girl - and I love it. LOL...

Down-to-earth and approachable, I like connecting with you one on one and really getting to know you. No matter what your fantasy, I am here to fulfill it. If you’re looking for a girlfriend experience or some down and dirty action, just ask! I’m something of an addiction to my fans. I love working hard so you’ll come back for more and more!

Let me assure you, all this is one hundred percent true... but there's also so much more.

A TS performer who also holds down a straight-laced office job, Wendy produces her own quirky creative adult content and is an active member of the cam community. She and I discussed a great many topics, from technology and humanity to balancing work and porn, from issues surrounding privilege and marginalized communities to working to meet the needs of a diverse array of consumers and fans - the overall message being that each one of us can work to make the world a better place every single day!!

It really was an enlightening, inspiring conversation. I learned so much from Wendy, and you can too - take some time to listen to what's certainly just a taste of her enchanting, goofy brilliance.

You can visit Wendy on her site, catch her between day job extravaganzas on Twitter at @WendySummersCom, and be prepared for awesome - this amazing woman will blow your mind in more ways than one!!

* * *

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Back Stories - The Rub PR’s Erika Icon

Interview with The Rub PR's Erika Icon.

According to the source of all sources, Wikipedia, public relations - or PR - is "the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public." Simple enough.

Further, public relations "provides an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment."

Ok... so, getting organizations (like, a company or something) and individuals platforms to garner exposure to the public - difficult, but I get it.


It seems that the main purpose of PR is "to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about [the organization or individual - the client], its leadership, products, and/or political decisions." Now, THAT is starting to sound difficult...

(all quoted text here)

And Erika Icon does all this... every day... for organizations and individuals situated in the adult industry.

Erika Icon is the owner, founder, and primary publicist for The Rub PR. She represents adult performers and adult business (and a few lightly mainstream, not-quite-adult clients), helping them to develop, maintain, and further a specific message and image. Which sounds like an incredible task.

Erika took some time out recently to chat with me about her work, the highs and the intensities, and her desire to give back to the community in what's really an eye-opening account of only some of what an adult publicist goes through - have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories - Mo

Interview with Mo.

Once in a while, compelling and untouchably elusive personalities emerge from the mists of everyfolk. Madonna, Prince, Beyonce, Janine... and Mo.


Yes - just Mo.

This man - who wants nothing more than to be known as an "all around good guy" - does it all: photography, shooting, lighting, working as a performer, and probably most of a million other daily things required to get the job done. A true Renaissance Man, Mo is professionally connected to Pulse Distribution, Shot at Home, Madness Pictures, and Adam & Eve. He creates truly unique and special content, including the recently produced Latin Mouth Club (2012), and is generally in love with the adult business.

But who is this guy Mo...? Well, I recently had the opportunity to find out.

Mo took some time out to talk with me about an amazing array of things: his work, his life thus far, and his feelings and perspectives pertaining to several key adult industry-related issues. It was an incredibly in-depth experience wherein I learned so much about hard work and commitment, serendipity, and what it's like to truly love what you do.

This is a podcast not to be missed, filled with insights from an average guy with a not-so-average job... and a far from average commitment to his convictions. Have a listen!!

(note: Skype dropped our call sometime around 1:02:00... though I exercised my interviewer skills and picked us up right back where we were, I am not a sound editing engineer technical sort - please forgive the little audio blip!!)

* * *

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Back Stories - Natalie Star

Interview with Natalie Star.

"I am the next level of entertainment" is asserted regularly on everything Natalie Star.

Natalie Star?

Yes, Natalie Star - web cam performer, model mentor, business entrepreneur, and puppy mama!!

Natalie Star started working in the adult business about five years ago with the Web Cam Modeling Association (WCMA). The WCMA is a group that organizes web cam models and vets camming sites. When new models would sign up, Natalie was the one who would walk them through the process. But after a few years, it wasn't enough to just talk about what worked and what didn't. Natalie wanted to speak from direct, lived experience...

...and thus a star was then born!!

Natalie has been working as a web cam model ever since. And, as a person who knows the camming business from both ends, she has since become one of this modeling communities greatest assets. She also fronts her own cam model network, Natalie Star Entertainment.

Natalie took some time out recently to talk to me about all sorts of things - her experiences in the business, the types of things she does as a model mentor, the differences and overlaps between cam performers and porn performers, and her plans for the future. I learned so much from Natalie, and you should to - have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories - Adrianna Luna

Interview with Adrianna Luna.

Sometimes the stars line up for people… And sometimes, you get both the stars and the moon.

Welcome to the world of Adrianna Luna.

Adrianna is an interesting girl… Actually, she’s not exactly a “girl” – already well into her 20s, Adrianna has been characterized as an adult performer who got into the business relatively late in life.

“Late”? Whatevs.

Regardless of whatever attachments we’ve assigned to her chronological and/or perceived age, Adrianna has made the most lovely sunshine-y splash during the past year-plus. She was named one of AVN’s Fresh Faces of 2012 and has a big movie project starting soon that melds one of her greatest personal passions – MMA – with adult. (seriously – this girl fights!!)

But how did she come so far so fast? And what prompted a woman with a solidly developed “mainstream” career to take a turn in adult? Well, Adrianna took some time out recently to chat with me about her path leading into the industry and how it’s going for her so far. It’s a delightful conversation – have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories - Katie K

Interview with Katie K.

Some call her the Bad Girl of Britain; but after only a few moments of chatting with Katie K, I thought of another nickname for her - role model.

Katie K is a delightfully sassy, extremely driven, up-and-coming adult performer based out of the UK. She's a director/producer, making interesting appearances in mainstream cinema, and steadily bringing her tour de force west - watch out!!

She's also an interesting example of a young woman who defies stereotypes - far from drifting though life, Katie is crafting her career and thinking about the future. And though there's no way to actually see what tomorrow may bring, taking an active role in something so significant seems like a really good idea to me.

By controlling her content, being very involved in the development of her website, and engaging the more public dimensions of her persona both with enthusiasm and spirit and in a really mindful way, Katie K is taking steps to avoid the pitfalls that often plague younger adult performers... and younger folks in general.

(coincidentally, I was just talking about all this stuff with Alex Henderson over on here)

Katie took the time out recently to chat with me from the other side of the planet. She shared all sorts of interesting perspective about her work in adult, her currently developing projects, and her plans for the future. Take a moment to give a listen to the Bad Girl of Britain... who's actually oh-so-good!!

* * *

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Back Stories - Tanya Tate

Interview with Tanya Tate.

Every once in a while, society is gifted with a pure Renaissance person – an individual who can practically do it all, even the parts of “all” that are at odds with one another.


A person who is both a gregarious performer and a behind-the-scenes mastermind… a person who is both serendipitous and on purpose… a free-spirited planner… a smokin’ sexy blistering geek…

Imagine sugar and spice.

Imagine Tanya Tate.

Tanya Tate is a real life superhero – she’s a glamour model, an award-winning adult performer, a cosplay queen, a Fleshlight girl, a blogger, a social media wiz, a producer, a director, a publicist, and at least ten other things that I’m missing.

In 2008, Tanya left an unstimulating but stable job in the UK to begin a new career and a slew of new projects in adult. Today, she is one of the industry’s most eclectic and diverse, recognized and respected performers… and there’s more!!

In this absolutely delightful interview, she tells me all about her transition into the adult industry, her evolution within the business, and the amazing series of projects she’s developed… all in order to reach out to her fans and provide them with an unheard measure of entertainment and humanity.

It’s almost too much to take in – almost, but not quite!! Have a listen…

* * *

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Back Stories - Anna Devia

Interview with Anna Devia.

As a society and as a culture, we love to be defined. We love labels, and we love to be able to state who and what we are. Maybe it makes us feel safe, maybe it’s “American”…?

But maybe it’s not as cut and dried as all that? Maybe, just maybe, life and who we are – our identities – are processes, with what and how we think in a constant state of flux…

But how the heck does one explain/express identity and evolution without labels?

Well, I recently had the opportunity to talk with fine art fetish photographer turned adult filmmaker, Anna Devia. In so many ways, we engaged exactly that.

Anna and I discussed her evolution as an artist thus far, her photography, and her steps into adult content production. Throughout this conversation, we also talked about meaning and authenticity as it pertains to work, art, and life. We also talked a lot about being willing to meet other persons in the middle/on their terms, especially as it relates to language, privilege, and community.

It was an amazing, insightful conversation… have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories - Elegant Pleasure Parties’ Susan Compton

Interview with Elegant Pleasure Parties' Susan Compton.

There're some pretty culturally-standard building blocks that go into many people's My Dream Job mix...

(because although we're all unique and special snowflakes, we're all also similarly processed/socialized beings)

Autonomy and control over one's time and decision-making capacity are major ones, as is the opportunity to be both energetic and creative. Fun, travel, meeting new people, and doing something that contributes to a wider human social good may all also get thrown in there from time to time.

But who the heck gets to do all that?

Meet Susan Compton, owner/founder (and queen!!) of Elegant Pleasure Parties.

Imagine you and a bunch of your friends (including couples!!) are looking to learn more about adult novelties. Though there're many people who are down, for various reasons, you and your friends don't want to go charging into the local sex shop. Same thing with E-tailers (online shops) - not your thing.You're looking for a fun social event that's informative and catered to your particular "tone" - from mild to wild, exactly how you'd like it. You want the opportunity to see, taste, touch, hear, and smell whatever it is you may feel like investing in. Perhaps you even feel like getting a little more connected with your friends and family... how the heck do you accomplish all that?

Well, this is when you call an amazing person like Susan Compton. Susan will develop a party to meet your needs, complete with all the bells and whistles you can imagine!!

What does all this mean? Well, I recently had the most fantastic, energetic, and fully inspiring conversation with Susan - she told me about a rather unfortunate event that seems to have changed her life for the better, her growing business, her hopes for the future, and all the other things that have made her the Queen of her own life. It's an amazing story - have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories - Monarchy Distribution’s Mike Kulich

Interview with Monarchy Distribution's Mike Kulich.

DVD is dying. No one wants tangible products anymore.

Porn is in a gluttonous lurch - there's too much of it, it's impossible to distinguish yourself or your product, and no one pays for it anyway.

Today's new content is tomorrow's old news...

Sounds pretty depressing, especially if you're an ambitious dude in your early 20s who's just dedicated a significant amount of time learning the back end of the business.

Back end of the adult business?

Yes - everything from marketing to branding to distribution... all that stuff and more, the stuff that happens when the cameras stop rolling.

Meet Mike Kulich.

Originally from the east coast, Mike came barely legal and hungry to Southern California approximately eight years ago.

He's since developed one of the most bold and creative business models to ever grace the "dying" adult DVD market.

Mike owns Monarchy Distribution. Put simply, Monarchy collects assorted web-based adult scenes (via distribution negotiation); packages them into one of seven (and counting) carefully crafted lines; and then, via a team of experienced representatives from some of the industry's best distributors, gives these scenes a second run in front of an entirely different audience - the DVD consumer.

And you thought they were dying...

They're not!! They're out there buying collections from Assence Films, OGEE Studios, Pajama Party, Double Team Studios, Brand XXX, Black Storm Pictures, and Tranny Factory Studios - each a unique space that meets DVD consumers' particular needs, while managing to recreate that eclectic collection feel one gets from web-based content.

It's all rather genius, if you ask me... but don't take my word for it!!

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down with the king of Monarchy, Mike Kulich. Part fun-loving, part dude, all business and box-breaking creativity, Mike has managed to find a new way to make a dollar out of fifteen cents - have a listen, it's amazing.

* * *

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Back Stories: Severe Society Films’ Dee Severe

Interview with Severe Society Films' Mistress D Severe (aka Dee Severe).

Consider Dee Severe...

Mistress D Severe comes to fetish porn filmmaking from a background in rock journalism (credits include Rolling StoneHollywood ReporterLA Weekly), non-fiction writing, and indie film. A life-long dominant, Dee had been dabbling in lifestyle BDSM for years and worked as a pro domme. But something pushed her to go further.

As part of her transition from mainstream freelance writer and dominate player to BDSM and kink production professional, she and her husband Jimmy Broadway were founding members of a mainstream filmmaking collective. Her short film, Forensic Mysteries, screened at numerous festivals including Silverlake and the L.A. Short Film fest and was an Action/Cut competition semi-finalist. But given mainstream film economics and politics, Dee and Jimmy decided to take the plunge - they opened Severe Society Films (SSF) in 2007.

Today, Dee and Jimmy co-own SSF, where she directs and handles pretty much everything post-production. And though she mostly works behind the camera, she can occasionally be seen dispensing punishment, tickle torture, and strap-on sex to bad boys and girls in productions such as the AVN Award-nominated Strap On Idol: A XXX Fetish Parody and The Housewives' Revenge series.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Dee... about her life thus far, her work, her lifelong passions, and her developing dreams. She shared her thoughts on the adult and BDSM communities, which are both overlapping and distinct, piracy, and creating quality content that meets a group of very discerning consumers' needs. It was amazing, she is amazing, and you definitely should give it a listen...

* * *

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Back Stories: Sporty Vibe’s Nancy MI

Interview with Sporty Vibe's Nancy MI.

Starting a line of sports team-themed bullet vibrators is a great way to bring family together!!

Dreaming up color schemes, giggling over endless double entendres, and finding creative ways to reach out to local businesses and mainstream industries - could there be a more creatively stimulating bonding experience!!?

I would think no, but starting a line of sports team-themed bullet vibrators with your sister-in-law isn't all fun and games. How do I know? Well, I recently had the opportunity to speak with the lovely and amazing Nancy MI.

Nancy (who lives in Michigan, hence the MI) is a 40ish mother of three, an adventurous lover of life (including the epic cold), and one of the kindest and most gracious human beings ever. She and her sister-in-law also developed Sporty Vibe. In addition to everything else, they're the vibrator moms...

...except that they're not. Nancy took some time out to share a little bit about her experiences developing her own amazingly unique novelty line, her subsequent experiences with the adult industry, her resulting experiences with folks outside the industry, and so many other amazing and endearing things. Have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories: Severe Society Films’ Jimmy Broadway

Interview with Severe Society Films' producer, director, and performer Jimmy Broadway.

Bondage. Fetish. Dominant and submissive. Caning, candle wax and fire, metal, electric shocks, hogtied femme dom strap on, scrotal inflation, water bondage, and bound gangbang surrender.

It's all kink.

Some of you may now be leaning forward in interest, and others may be recoiling in horror. And some of you may be yawning. And that's all good, as long as you know this - right now, somewhere, someone is engaging in any number (and more) of the above mentioned sorts of "play."

BDSM and fetish kink play, when done respectfully and knowledgeably amongst and between consenting adults, brings joy, happiness, and fulfillment. It establishes community, creates social connections, and provides opportunity for entertainment and growth. In many ways, it's like playing inter-mural or community baseball (or whatever sport you like).

Except that it's different.

Because BDSM and kink have to do with sex (even though sex is not necessarily always had) and because BDSM has to do with what appears to be a more extreme version of sex practice, many people shy away. And though BDSM communities are vibrant and thriving across the US and beyond, they are often misrepresented and commonly marginalized.

So what happens when you produce very heavy, very authentic BDSM and kink-fetish porn? Because you're involved with both BDSM and porn, perhaps your social circles get smaller and the measure of stigma you experience gets greater...?

This was my guess, but, since I'm not a porn producer of very heavy BDSM content, I didn't know for sure. Luckily, I recently had the great honor of speaking with Jimmy Broadway.

Jimmy and his wife, Mistress D Severe, run Severe Society Films, purveyors of very heavy and authentic kink content. Both Jimmy and Mistress D work as directors and performers, crafting individual and collaborative projects that meet the needs of very discerning clientele, consumers, and viewers.

Jimmy and I had a wonderful chat in Severe Society's live-work space, where we were kept company by his three adorable dogs. We talked about his path into the community as a practitioner, the emergence of Severe Society, and the ways in which porn itself is further refined within the BDSM niche (among other things). Have a listen - I promise, it's nothing like you'd imagine... (or maybe it is)

Check out some PVV reviews of Severe Society Films here.

* * *

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Back Stories: Richie Calhoun

Interview with adult performer Richie Calhoun.

Imagine you’re 70… or 80… or maybe even 94 years old, and you’ve reached the end of your time on this earth. Naturally, because no one really knows what happens next (if anything), you start to reflect on everything you’ve experienced – joys, sorrows, all the things you’ve done, and everything you wish you’d tried.

For most folks, not working as a porn performer is probably not something they’d regret. And that’s all well and good – porn’s not for everyone (neither is working as a kindergarten teacher, a forest ranger, a dentist, or a politician).

But for Richie Calhoun, the thought of reaching the end of his days with some interesting stone left unturned prompted him to explore one of his anathemic dreams – working as an adult performer. So, after much reflection and quite a bit of adult industry-casing (cuz you gotta know what you’re getting yourself into), Mr. Calhoun decided to take the plunge…

Now, approximately/exactly one quarter and one year later, Richie is crafting quite the career for himself: scene work, in-depth feature roles, romance, and now even a little biy of kink. Richie puts quite a bit of thought into every role he accepts, seeing each as an integral piece to an overall whole - love, personal growth and exploration, autonomy, happiness... and porn? Yes.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, why don't I let Richie explain... Recently, he took some time out to chat with me about his experiences in the adult industry, and you can have a listen - there're some fascinating insights kicking around in Richie's brain!!

* * *

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Back Stories: Alia Janine

Interview with adult performer Alia Janine.

Who is Alia Janine?

Well, since she's one of only a small number of adult performers ever to use her real name, she's... Alia Janine.

Alia began her adult career as a dancer in Wisconsin and Florida and eventually made the jump to performer in Score’s Mamazon (2009). She has since been building her resume with some of the industry's top content producers and magazines. Alia is a very hands on individual, and she worked very closely with developers on the design and aesthetics of her recently-launched her website,

All this is awesome, but what really gets me about Alia Janine is her activism and singular, community-minded spirit. Alia is passionate about her rights as an individual and as an adult industry performer/worker. I actually first became acquainted with her at a Cal/OSHA meeting on June 7, 2011. During this particular meeting, Alia shared her feelings about condom use in adult content production and her rights as a performer with the OSHA board (and everyone else in the packed meeting room). It was an exhibition in eloquence and strength - I was super impressed with her bold candor!!

Alia's concerns about condom use in porn have not diminished since that meeting. She speaks about the issues and how she feels they will impact her workplace and community on a regular basis. She even appeared on a Russian TV in a segment entitled “Condom Police Could Make the Economy Go Limp” (with Domino Presley) and discussed some of the issues at hand. Global!!

In addition to all this, Alia took some time out to discuss her life thus far, her thoughts on industry issues, and her hopes for the future with PVV. Have a listen to this spirited, passionate woman... uncensored!!

* * *

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Back Stories: Domino Presley

Interview with adult performer Domino Presley.

Domino, Domino - what kind of name is Domino?!! ...and what kind of woman might she be?

A bounty hunter? A superhero? Super sweet? A brain-bending pastime, one of man's ruins? What about all of the above?

Domino Presley is a rising star in the adult community. A TS woman performer who often refers to herself as "The Trap," she's kicking ass, taking names, and breaking boundaries all over the place. Let me explain...

Domino started out in drag, sharpening her performance skills in the highly-competative Atlanta drag scene. She eventually made the decision to peruse a career in adult a little over a year ago and has made quite the splash ever since. To date, she has worked with all the top TS studios, including Evil Angel, SheMale Club, Third World Media/Grooby Productions, Devil’s Film, and Exquisite’s SheMale Strokers. Domino won two awards at the 2011 TS Awards - Shemale Yum Model of the Year and Best New Model; and at this year's TS Awards, she hosted the red carpet, presented awards, and took home the Shemale Yum Model of the Year award (again).

But Domino's powers are not restricted to the TS adult community. She's breaking boundaries and making her mark in the mainstream adult community, too. Domino was nominated for three XBIZ and two AVN Awards in 2012, and she even starred in a film with adult performer legend, Katsuni. (these things are big deals, but the are especially big deals in the adult community)

Domino is also working to reframe the erotic glamour surrounding TS women performers. Her high-end pay site,, launched through Grooby Productions and is sexy, fresh, and highly stylized, and she has aspirations to direct TS women in scenes that showcase their beauty in a new light.

But how do I know all this stuff? Well, I recently got the opportunity to chat with Domino about her path, her career, and her aspirations - have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories: Brian Street Team

Interview with adult performer Brian Street Team.

Joseph Gordon Levitt, Lou Diamond Phillips, Daniel Dae Kim, Jon Bon Jovi, John Cougar Mellencamp, Eddie Van Halen… Brian Street Team!!

(you see the pattern)

I’m not generally one to comment on things (as long as you discount this entire site, I guess), but I “research” a lot of stuff. And recently, through research, I read some some things written by a man named Brian Street Team.

Articulate and measured, thoughtful and diplomatic, this guy didn’t seem nothin’ like your Average Porn Dude. Now clearly no one is, but I was intrigued – who was this Brian Street Team? I had to know more. And now I do. And soon, so shall you becaaause…

I recently got the opportunity to chat with Mr. Street Team, and I learned a lot of amazing things – most amazing, I thought, was the fact that he is not a full-time adult performer. This self-described luckiest guy ever actually has a day job. He’s an engineer who just happens to do porn on the side. He also used to be in the Navy.


And really fascinating!! How in the world did all that come about?

Brian is also in a very sweet-seeming, committed relationship with none other than Ms. Lucy Vonne, sex blogger and adult novelty slanger extraordinaire. They have a dog. Lucy is not an adult performer. How in the world does that work?

Brian answers all these questions and more in this really fascinating and fun interview. Have a listen!!

* * *

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Back Stories: Sonny Malone

Interview with editor (editrix!!) Sonny Malone.

We all know about the organic production of media – someone writes some stream-of-consciousness-esque prose while cracked out in Vegas or backpacking through Europe, then the text gets "discovered" years later and changes peoples’ lives overnight. Or maybe someone writes a script when they’re twenty, takes some grainy footage in their grandma’s basement, and wins an Oscar that same year.  That’s how it works, right?


But that’s how it works in adult isn’t it? – some guy films a random collection of folks getting it on, burns a few DVDs or uploads a couple clips to his website, and voilá – porn!  Right?


In professional adult film production, filming the sex is only one aspect of a ginormous (that would be gigantically enormous) overall project.  There are literally hundreds of hours worth of pre- and post-production labor that go into every scene. Consider: someone... well, really several someones... must secure a location, coordinate the set, manage the budget, assemble a cast and crew, photograph stuff, and market the content to distributors and consumers - whoosh!!

And someone must also complete what may be the most significant step of all, the step that can really make or break any project - someone must edit it.

In the world of adult, that someone is Sonny "Smutcutter" Malone.

Sonny, whose "Malone" is a partial homage to none other than THE Nomi Malone, isn't the only editor in adult production; but she's one of the most experienced and respected. She's been polishing and refining porn for over twenty years... all so consumers can seamlessly insert their imaginations into the action. She has worked with some of the most respected production houses in the business, including Playboy, Vivid, and Burning Angel, and has won the AVN Award for Best Editing... twice!! (2005 and 2006... plus she's been nominated for others)

Sonny took some time out to chat with PVV recently - she and I talked about her serendipitous entry into the adult industry, some of her favorite projects, and what it's like to be a woman in the business (among many other things). Have a listen to our fascinating conversation...

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