Back Stories - Adrianna Luna

Interview with Adrianna Luna.

Sometimes the stars line up for people… And sometimes, you get both the stars and the moon.

Welcome to the world of Adrianna Luna.

Adrianna is an interesting girl… Actually, she’s not exactly a “girl” – already well into her 20s, Adrianna has been characterized as an adult performer who got into the business relatively late in life.

“Late”? Whatevs.

Regardless of whatever attachments we’ve assigned to her chronological and/or perceived age, Adrianna has made the most lovely sunshine-y splash during the past year-plus. She was named one of AVN’s Fresh Faces of 2012 and has a big movie project starting soon that melds one of her greatest personal passions – MMA – with adult. (seriously – this girl fights!!)

But how did she come so far so fast? And what prompted a woman with a solidly developed “mainstream” career to take a turn in adult? Well, Adrianna took some time out recently to chat with me about her path leading into the industry and how it’s going for her so far. It’s a delightful conversation – have a listen!!

* * *

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