Back Stories - Anna Devia

Interview with Anna Devia.

As a society and as a culture, we love to be defined. We love labels, and we love to be able to state who and what we are. Maybe it makes us feel safe, maybe it’s “American”…?

But maybe it’s not as cut and dried as all that? Maybe, just maybe, life and who we are – our identities – are processes, with what and how we think in a constant state of flux…

But how the heck does one explain/express identity and evolution without labels?

Well, I recently had the opportunity to talk with fine art fetish photographer turned adult filmmaker, Anna Devia. In so many ways, we engaged exactly that.

Anna and I discussed her evolution as an artist thus far, her photography, and her steps into adult content production. Throughout this conversation, we also talked about meaning and authenticity as it pertains to work, art, and life. We also talked a lot about being willing to meet other persons in the middle/on their terms, especially as it relates to language, privilege, and community.

It was an amazing, insightful conversation… have a listen!!

* * *

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