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Interview with Katie K.

Some call her the Bad Girl of Britain; but after only a few moments of chatting with Katie K, I thought of another nickname for her - role model.

Katie K is a delightfully sassy, extremely driven, up-and-coming adult performer based out of the UK. She's a director/producer, making interesting appearances in mainstream cinema, and steadily bringing her tour de force west - watch out!!

She's also an interesting example of a young woman who defies stereotypes - far from drifting though life, Katie is crafting her career and thinking about the future. And though there's no way to actually see what tomorrow may bring, taking an active role in something so significant seems like a really good idea to me.

By controlling her content, being very involved in the development of her website, and engaging the more public dimensions of her persona both with enthusiasm and spirit and in a really mindful way, Katie K is taking steps to avoid the pitfalls that often plague younger adult performers... and younger folks in general.

(coincidentally, I was just talking about all this stuff with Alex Henderson over on here)

Katie took the time out recently to chat with me from the other side of the planet. She shared all sorts of interesting perspective about her work in adult, her currently developing projects, and her plans for the future. Take a moment to give a listen to the Bad Girl of Britain... who's actually oh-so-good!!

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