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Interview with Mo.

Once in a while, compelling and untouchably elusive personalities emerge from the mists of everyfolk. Madonna, Prince, Beyonce, Janine... and Mo.


Yes - just Mo.

This man - who wants nothing more than to be known as an "all around good guy" - does it all: photography, shooting, lighting, working as a performer, and probably most of a million other daily things required to get the job done. A true Renaissance Man, Mo is professionally connected to Pulse Distribution, Shot at Home, Madness Pictures, and Adam & Eve. He creates truly unique and special content, including the recently produced Latin Mouth Club (2012), and is generally in love with the adult business.

But who is this guy Mo...? Well, I recently had the opportunity to find out.

Mo took some time out to talk with me about an amazing array of things: his work, his life thus far, and his feelings and perspectives pertaining to several key adult industry-related issues. It was an incredibly in-depth experience wherein I learned so much about hard work and commitment, serendipity, and what it's like to truly love what you do.

This is a podcast not to be missed, filled with insights from an average guy with a not-so-average job... and a far from average commitment to his convictions. Have a listen!!

(note: Skype dropped our call sometime around 1:02:00... though I exercised my interviewer skills and picked us up right back where we were, I am not a sound editing engineer technical sort - please forgive the little audio blip!!)

* * *

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