Back Stories - Natalie Star

Interview with Natalie Star.

"I am the next level of entertainment" is asserted regularly on everything Natalie Star.

Natalie Star?

Yes, Natalie Star - web cam performer, model mentor, business entrepreneur, and puppy mama!!

Natalie Star started working in the adult business about five years ago with the Web Cam Modeling Association (WCMA). The WCMA is a group that organizes web cam models and vets camming sites. When new models would sign up, Natalie was the one who would walk them through the process. But after a few years, it wasn't enough to just talk about what worked and what didn't. Natalie wanted to speak from direct, lived experience...

...and thus a star was then born!!

Natalie has been working as a web cam model ever since. And, as a person who knows the camming business from both ends, she has since become one of this modeling communities greatest assets. She also fronts her own cam model network, Natalie Star Entertainment.

Natalie took some time out recently to talk to me about all sorts of things - her experiences in the business, the types of things she does as a model mentor, the differences and overlaps between cam performers and porn performers, and her plans for the future. I learned so much from Natalie, and you should to - have a listen!!

* * *

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