Back Stories - Sophie Delancey

Interview with Sophie Delancey.

It's interesting (and awesome) when you get to talk to someone who does so much and knows so much... all while still being ready to learn and change and grow.

I recently got to speak to Sophie Delancey.

Sophie is a writer and contributes to several noteworthy online adult publications. She does PR and marketing for several "beautiful porn" sites -,, and She's also incredibly bright, articulate, and from Canada!!

My conversation with Sophie was fascinating and enlightening, but it wasn't my usual Back Story. In fact, we really didn't talk about Sophie all that much... Or maybe we did?

Sophie's passion for her work - for creating erotic art, for reframing the look and feel of porn, and for helping to make all versions of sex accessible - is palpable. Her work actually is about her, an actualization of the visions and values she seems to hold dear.

I loved speaking with Sophie. Our talk was fascinating - both hopeful and deep, political and passionate. It was a conversation about working toward repairing wider social ails (the future) one step at a time (the present). I really hope I get to speak to Sophie again. I have a feeling that, even though we are very far apart in the world, we'll run into each other one day soon.

If you're looking to be inspired, you've got to give this one a listen!!

* * *

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