Back Stories: Sporty Vibe’s Nancy MI

Interview with Sporty Vibe's Nancy MI.

Starting a line of sports team-themed bullet vibrators is a great way to bring family together!!

Dreaming up color schemes, giggling over endless double entendres, and finding creative ways to reach out to local businesses and mainstream industries - could there be a more creatively stimulating bonding experience!!?

I would think no, but starting a line of sports team-themed bullet vibrators with your sister-in-law isn't all fun and games. How do I know? Well, I recently had the opportunity to speak with the lovely and amazing Nancy MI.

Nancy (who lives in Michigan, hence the MI) is a 40ish mother of three, an adventurous lover of life (including the epic cold), and one of the kindest and most gracious human beings ever. She and her sister-in-law also developed Sporty Vibe. In addition to everything else, they're the vibrator moms...

...except that they're not. Nancy took some time out to share a little bit about her experiences developing her own amazingly unique novelty line, her subsequent experiences with the adult industry, her resulting experiences with folks outside the industry, and so many other amazing and endearing things. Have a listen!!

* * *

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