Back Stories - Tanya Tate

Interview with Tanya Tate.

Every once in a while, society is gifted with a pure Renaissance person – an individual who can practically do it all, even the parts of “all” that are at odds with one another.


A person who is both a gregarious performer and a behind-the-scenes mastermind… a person who is both serendipitous and on purpose… a free-spirited planner… a smokin’ sexy blistering geek…

Imagine sugar and spice.

Imagine Tanya Tate.

Tanya Tate is a real life superhero – she’s a glamour model, an award-winning adult performer, a cosplay queen, a Fleshlight girl, a blogger, a social media wiz, a producer, a director, a publicist, and at least ten other things that I’m missing.

In 2008, Tanya left an unstimulating but stable job in the UK to begin a new career and a slew of new projects in adult. Today, she is one of the industry’s most eclectic and diverse, recognized and respected performers… and there’s more!!

In this absolutely delightful interview, she tells me all about her transition into the adult industry, her evolution within the business, and the amazing series of projects she’s developed… all in order to reach out to her fans and provide them with an unheard measure of entertainment and humanity.

It’s almost too much to take in – almost, but not quite!! Have a listen…

* * *

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